The Africa Digital Media Academy


Africa Digital Media Academy is a vocational training school in Kigali, Rwanda. We provide students with skills in 3D computer graphics, animation, motion capture and video production and more so they can work in all areas of the digital media industry.

Green Screen Construction

Over a period of two months and closely monitored by Academy Director Christopher Marler, skilled Rwandan artisans completed the transformation of a lecture room into arguably one of East Africa’s finest green screen studios. 

In order to ensure that the highest of standards were achieved, and largely because they were unavailable locally, majority of the components for construction were sourced from the U.S. 

The size of the green screen is about 18 by 18 feet and features curvilinear corners and removable rubber floor tiles that reveal a colour matched painted floor for wide shots. 

The studio is also sound proofed, air conditioned and kitted with Kino Flo Diva-Lites, Lite Panels LED lights as well as Chimera Video Pro Plus Kits. Combined with the ATEM Television Studio, Canon XF-105, Sony PMW-F3L and Sony NEX-FS700 cameras, the studio provides an ideal learning environment for setting up lighting in a studio, green screen shooting and compositing.