Students Live Stream Smart Rwanda Days

All photographs from ADMA's Instagram page.

All photographs from ADMA's Instagram page.

If you were watching the Smart Rwanda Days conference live on YouTube earlier this month, then you were watching the hard work of almost 20 ADMA students. They worked as camera operators, live switchers and production assistants to live stream the event for Rwanda's Ministry of Youth and ICT (MYICT), which put on the event.

ADMA's services "boosted the level of the event," said Magnifique Migisha, the MYICT press and communications officer. "People were amazed by the quality of video shown live and on the screen."

It was the 9th function that ADMA students have live streamed in the past year. With each event, they have improved their skills and taken on more responsibility, said Ryan Yewell, ADMA's senior instructor, who oversaw the live stream team at Smart Rwanda Days.

"We are very proud of the professionalism exhibited by most of the students as they handled the bulk of the production chores on their own for the first time," said Chris Marler, ADMA's director.

You can see all the conference session videos on the Ministry of Youth and ICT's Youtube page.