The Africa Digital Media Academy


Africa Digital Media Academy is a vocational training school in Kigali, Rwanda. We provide students with skills in 3D computer graphics, animation, motion capture and video production and more so they can work in all areas of the digital media industry.

A New Animation From ADMA

Here is ADMA's recent cartoon created to raise awareness about malaria prevention. It is the foundation for teaching our students about 2D animation.

We address the issue of using malaria nets properly through the story of Manzi, a young Rwandan boy. The video's audio is in Kinyarwanda with English subtitles. Enjoy! 


ADMA's First Graduation

After numerous delays, we are very proud to have finally held our first graduation at ADMA. 63 students received certificates in areas ranging from video production to 2D animation. Check out the ADMA home page for a video of all the accomplishments by these students from just the past 12 months. Their work has been excellent, and we’re immensely proud of their success. Congratulations to all! 

Alfred Muchilwa Returns to ADMA

We are very happy to inform everyone the Alfred Muchilwa has returned to ADMA as a full-time instructor. His expertise in animation and his passion for teaching will add greatly to our program. Thanks for coming back Alfred!

Rwandan Defence Forces Students Begin Classes At ADMA

ADMA is pleased to announce its latest addition of students from the Rwanda Defence Forces.  On March 21, 2016 classes at ADMA began with 18 RDF students who will be learning photo and video journalism. This course will take place over the next several months and will teach students in several key areas including photography, video camera operation, video editing, and motion graphics.

On April 6, 2016, the RDF students took part in a “google hangout” with professional photographer Laura Pohl (pictured here). Laura, a former ADMA instructor and two-year resident of Rwanda, was able to participate in the class from South Korea using the technology utilized for distance learning at ADMA.  During the hangout, Laura discussed expert photography tips for students to take their skills to a higher level and even critiqued photos taken by each student which gave them valuable individual feedback.

Stop Motion Animation Workshop

ADMA just completed a short, 3-week intensive workshop on stop motion animation. Students worked in teams to learn the principles of this ‘old-style’ of animation which is experiencing a rebirth. Many thanks to Carolina Cruz who brought us her expertise from working on projects for clients such as MTV.

A New Instructor At ADMA

ADMA is very pleased to announce a new member of its permanent faculty. Ms. Wanjiru Kairu is a veteran film and TV Director, Producer and Writer from Nairobi. She has won numerous awards, and launches into her first class on Storytelling in Multimedia on February 2!

Video Produced For TVET Conference In Berlin, Germany

ADMA students and staff mobilized to quickly produce a video about TVET in Rwanda for screening during a conference in Berlin between representatives of the German government and industry and a delegation from Rwanda. Produced in just 13 days, over 30 students participated in the making of this video. 


Motion Capture At ADMA

Not only does following video give a quick look at the Motion Capture process used at ADMA, but the video itself was also created entirely by ADMA students!